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Award-Winning Composer, Mustafa Yazicioglu, joins Aussie Audio Drama: album design by tcc.

SKYNATION PUBLISHING has acquired multi-award-winning composer, Mustafa Yazicioglu, to produce an original score for their fantasy audio drama, HER CROWN OF FIRE.

The Australian audio drama launched in 2022 and released 11 episodes before taking a mid-season hiatus. It has now returned to production with Episode 12 (Title TBA) currently in Post-Production. Yazicioglu's brand new score, currently in-development, will feature on all new episodes. Previous episodes published will also be updated in the coming months.

Mustafa Yazicioglu's addition to the audio drama was announced with the public updating of Her Crown of Fire's cover art, first custom produced by The Creative Consultant in 2022. A year on to the month, in May, SkyNation Publishing commissioned the amendment.

Members of the Her Crown of Fire and SkyNation community have shared overwhelming excitement at Yazicioglu's inclusion and wait in great anticipation for Episode 12's release.

About Mustafa Yazicioglu

Born 1981, Poland, Yazicioglu's first taste of music came at age 6 with piano lessons and classical music studies that he continued when his family immigrated to Turkey. But it was the magical world of sound for moving image that captured his passion upon his discovery of renowned composer, ALAN SYLVESTRI (BACK TO THE FUTURE TRILOGY, 1985-90).

2005, Yazicioglu found his first foothold in American cinema by assisting on PETER JACKSON'S KING KONG feature film and has since built a career spanning three decades and over ninety projects. Of his compositions, he is most recognised for his work on the American television series, MUTANT: LEAVING HUMANITY BEHIND (2012-14), Turkish feature film, DOGUM (2021), and the recent video game, NEW CYCLE (2022).

His most recent work have also bestowed upon him many accolades: In the past year, Yazicioglu has won Best Original Score at the Vegas Movie Awards and LACA: Los Angeles Cinematography Awards for his Original Motion Picture Score for MAKE A WISH (2022), a Turkish feature film, and Best Soundtrack for THE LAST FORTRESS: HACIBEY (2020) at Oniros Film Awards, New York, a Turkish / Ukrainian feature film co-production that also received distribution by California Pictures.

Yazicioglu currently bounces between his Istanbul and Los Angeles based studios and, along developing music for SkyNation, also looks forward to the release of his original music for upcoming Turkish TV series, KAPI (2023).


About Her Crown of Fire (Audio Drama)

Her Crown of Fire is based on Book One of Australian fantasy series, MOLTEN CROWN, by Renee April, the founder of SkyNation Publishing. The audio drama was crowdfunded by Renee April and Dayna, The Creative Consultant, at the start of 2022, where they successfully received full funding in under 14 hours and wrapped with a total of 75 backers and $23,675 in funds—371.5% over their original goal.

After releasing 11 episodes in 2022, the audio drama has been on mid-season hiatus since the new year. However, it will return in the second half of 2023 with a new original score by award-winning composer, Mustafa Yazicioglu.

About SkyNation Publishing

SkyNation Publishing is an Australian independent publisher based in Brisbane, Queensland, and part of the Small Press Network. It was founded in 2021 by popular author, Renee April, who is determined to change the face of Australian independent publishing. The small agency works diligently to produce good stories from authors around the world, while supporting Australian businesses and talents throughout production.

Skynation Publishing is currently open to submissions.


Listen Now: Latest Episode: 11 - Burn, Released 14 December 2022.


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